Hello! Long time no blog. Sorry Gene… (and Naddav! What up!)

Omri and I are back from our America trip and are feeling the post-CA blues… mainly me. But this is just a snapshot of our first weekend back “home” to remind us that its not all fog and rain here in merry old England (though today is like SUPER DENSE FOG, so dense in fact that I’m refraining from operating my small but sturdy vehicle in fear of just not seeing things in front of me).

I still have quite the backlog of our summer excursions and weekends to show, but for now, a taste of the fall!

Teddy + Omri amongst the leaves

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We took it easy this weekend because of our previous weeks’ travel and decided to just veg out after our whirlwind California trip. Thanks to all the people who hung out with us and met up with us! It was fabulous seeing everyone and for those who we didn’t see, we’ve got plans to visit in early 2016, so hit us up then!

Fall is here in England, and has been for a while, but now its actually quite chilly! Or chilly in relation to California, where there were crazy record heats!


The weather was beautiful; it was a perfect crisp and clear weekend that reminded me why fall is seriously my favorite season.

From the Teddy + Omri album cover

We came home to British Daylight Savings time and the darkness (welcome to it America, fun times huh?), but are trying to take advantage of the sun and what the season has to offer!

A huge fallen leaf bigger than Teddy’s head!

I’ll have more summer time catch-up posts later this week! See ya then!