Last month Omri and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary of being together, and our 2 year engagement anniversary! 🙂 I know, these dates are rather arbitrary now that we have an actual wedding anniversary, but hey, if it gets us to bust out the champagne or at least have a glass, then it’s all good by me!

To celebrate, we decided to go to a winery – which was where we got engaged – and do a tour and tasting.

Don’t you love our matching rain coats + glasses?? 🙂

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It was a rainy February day and though it was dreary, we decided to go out and make the most of it! (I say this now, whilst dry and indoors…) We headed off to Three Choirs winery, a semi-local winery situated in the Cotswolds, that had weekend tours that you didn’t need to book ahead of time.

Now before we get too far into this, please note that I’m a sucker for wine- or champagne- or any sort of tastings (one time I made Roxanne do a sight seeing tour in Lisbon just because it had a Port tasting at the end. The tour actually turned out to be great! The port “tasting” was just ok, it was a small plastic cup of wine which was ok, but hey, it’s the experience that counts right?), and I had someeeee English wines so…well… I knew what to expect. I’ve been to wine tastings all over the world, in Tuscany, Loire Valley, Napa, Temecula… and well, there is a reason that English vineyards are not often listed with those other locations… Anyways, if you’ve had English wine, you know why I’m rambling here.

So, we went on the tour, saw the facilities, and tasted some wine! They even made sparkling wine, which was surprisingly good! To make champagne fizzy, they add yeast to each individual bottle, aka the Dom Pérignon method, which actually makes each bottle vary ever so slightly from the next, giving them each a unique character. This is a pic of that sediment that is still left in the bottle and waiting to be removed:


To get rid of that extra sediment, they cap and freeze the liquid and then uncap the bottles (right-side-up) and let the pressure that has been building up push the frozen sediment out of the bottle and then they quickly cork and cage the sparkling wine. Pretty cool huh?


We tasted the sparkling, two whites, one red, and one dessert wine. Overall, not the most impressive lineup I’ve ever had, but then again I also enjoy the second-to-bottom shelf of wine (Two Buck Chuck is a little too acidic for my taste…) so I wouldn’t say no, especially if it were a wine emergency; such examples include a wine or alcohol shortage, a long car ride where legal, an airplane, etc!

After the tour and tasting ended, we took a quick detour to see their vines and snap a few pics.

Bundled up in the cold, rainy weather!
But never too cold for wine! Insert wine emoji and heart eyes here!