Ah where to begin with this one. Let me just preface this post by reminding our loyal readers that what you see on this blog is not necessarily telling of my every day life. Some fluff pieces sort of are, but travels and special adventures and outings are recorded and most of them have been just as fun and exciting as they come off in the photos (with minor enhancing). This trip, however, was unlike any trip thus far…


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One weekend we recently took a spontaneous trip to Torquay, a coastal town in Devon, in the south-west region of England. Please take special note of the word “spontaneous”, lol. We decided to find a pup-friendly bnb and took Teddy with us! The trip to Devon takes about 3 hours in total, and we looked up a nice pub to have lunch at around the half-way point, close to Weston-supre-Mare (remember?). This is where the story begins…

(And bare with me, as there are not a ton of pictures just yet!)

We stopped off at the Crossways Inn for lunch, and it was all going along swimmingly. I had cod and chips and Omri had a nice ham and egg plate. Teddy, of course, had some chips too :). Pups are generally allowed in pubs which is so nice! There was also a springer spaniel in there, but Teddy seemed to get more attention than he did.

Lunch was nothing notable…at first. Then! Oh boy, then, all of a sudden, the table behind us started making a commotion. I turned around and saw a VERY OLD LADY keeling over. Literally, KEELING OVER! She was at a table with her whole family and they quickly got her laying on the ground and called emergency services. The whole pub was in a tizzy and once we saw she regained consciousness we decided to leave. What a way to start the trip! This should have been a sign for us…

Anyways, we saw the first responders come and help the old lady and then the ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. We’re hoping for the best for her!

We continued on to Torquay (pronounced similarly to “turkey” but more “tor-key”). An hour and a half later, we arrived to our cute bnb, The Robin Hill Hotel. We settled into the room with Teddy and then decided to explore the main town area, near the harbor.

Teddy looking ok, for now…

The town was still pretty bustling, with people still out, finishing up their Christmas shopping. Torquay is considered to be the “English Riviera” and I could see why! It looked like a smaller version of Nice or other towns along the French Riviera. The harbor area was nicely decorated and lit up for Christmas.


We continued to walk around the harbor – this was Teddy’s first time seeing a harbor and he was quite interested in all the smells and the boats!


Finally it was about Teddy’s dinnertime and we headed back to the hotel. The town was very touristy and though most pubs would have accepted Teddy as a patron, we decided to get take away from Pizza Express (seriously delicious). It was a very low key evening and Teddy was finally settling into the hotel room and being on holiday.

But then… the winds started! The forecast predicted strong winds in the west, but these sounded like gale-force winds, no joke! Teddy was really perturbed by the winds as they knocked against our window and thrashed through the branches of the large, willowy tree, conveniently located outside of our window. Then it began raining. And there was lightning.

And that was the end of poor Teddy Bear’s rope. I, also, could not sleep. Omri had been snoring breathing heavily for the past 45 minutes when I decided to wake him up. The poor Teddy Bear! He was running around the room, franticly looking for a place to hide, pawing the bed to be up with us, then burrowing, then climbing on our heads, and then jumping off the bed, only to continue the cycle again. This was not going to work. So, Omri and I decided to be good pup parents and remove ourselves from the situation, meaning to drive back home at 12:30 am, knowing if we had stayed none of us would have gotten a good night’s sleep.

The last of our smiles…lol

Looking back on the trip, it could have been worse! We got to see the city and had a tasty dinner and a relaxing evening away! Well, relaxing for a bit. But nonetheless we just chalked it up to making a smart parenting decision. We’ll revisit the Devon coast in the spring and most likely let the Teddy Bear relax back at home.

So there you have it folks. Not everything is always sunshine (actually it’s barely EVER sunny!) and sprinkles, but I feel like every once in a while it’s good to show a glimpse of real life, no matter what the situation!