Enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt

Bonus post! Not really, but I wouldn’t leave you for the year with my last post! Not that it was horrible, just a series of unfortunate events. Nonetheless, this is my last post of the year, and also, Happy Christmas! This is our trip to Westonbirt Arboretum, a beautiful Arboretum that we visited earlier in …

8 hours in Torquay

Ah where to begin with this one. Let me just preface this post by reminding our loyal readers that what you see on this blog is not necessarily telling of my every day life. Some fluff pieces sort of are, but travels and special adventures and outings are recorded and most of them have been …

Christmas Tree Shopping!

It’s been years since we had a real live Christmas tree. I think the last one Omri bought for me as a surprise, maybe 3 or so years ago? Anyways, I decided that this year we would get one, and early too! Click to read 

Birmingham Christmas Market

Wow, December seriously FLEW by! Only 9 days until it’s over? So crazy! In an effort to try and be timely and actually post December and Christmas-related things, well, before it’s over, get ready for 3 back-to-back posts about – you guessed it – Christmas! Click to read 

To Avoid Disappointment…Avoid Dismaland

And back to our usual programming… events from the summer! I think I need to blog faster because seeing the sunny photos and beautiful weather is getting me down, now that its perpetually damp, overcast, and at least partially rainy… Banksy, the street artist, debuted a new show this past summer in the costal town …