Bathurst Estate

One weekend Omri and I were playing dog hoarders (jk!) and were watching Teddy’s cousins, Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear. The weather was beautiful out so we decided to take them out to Bathurst Estate for a nice walk (and dance!). Click to read

Jolly Nice

It’s a rainy day here in England so I wanted to relive (and post) a warmer, sunnier day! Since we live in the countryside, there are a lot of cute, independent organic farms and farmshops (selling their goods: veggies, meats, dairy, etc)  around the area. We heard a local farmshop, Jolly Nice, from Eran and Amelia …

A Walk in the Countryside

Omri and I were gifted a book about the Cotswolds and I just now got around to looking at it. Inside highlighted cute towns (many of which we have already visited), points of interest, and walks. We decided to follow one of the walks that was mapped out – we took the Teddy Bear and …

Spoon Carving

I’ve been pretty obsessed with woodworking and woodcrafts for a while now, and my new ambition has expanded from cutting boards and tables to carving, specifically spoons! So when I found a green woodworking spoon carving class in the Cotswolds, I signed up immediately! Click to read about our carving adventure

Explore: Ireland, Part 2

During our second day in Ireland we toured Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and home to the famous Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse was fun to see and the pint at the end was a delicious treat! Click to read 

Explore: Ireland, Part 1

A couple weeks back Omri and I traveled to Ireland and got to stay with the Dunne family! It was such a treat to see Lisa’s family; the whole trip felt like a big hug from relatives and friends you haven’t seen in a while! Ireland is an amazing place with a beautiful eastern countryside …

Happy Birthday M!

To the original DL, -who taught my sister and me great style and how to really shop a sale- Click to relive memory lane

United Kingdom/States

Oy, it’s been 3 months, and I’m now a bloody Brit! Jk, I’m not even close – alas, it’ll take me a bit longer to develop an accent, but I do say “leisure” more like “lezzure” now to blend in :). Anyways, this past weekend was my 3 month anniversary being in the UK (England specifically) …