Day Trip to London

The other day I went on a day trip to London with Amelia. She had an errand to run in the city and I decided to tag along! We popped into the city via the National Express Bus and enjoyed a nice day in London! Click to read on

Highclere Castle

As part of our “research” for the big move to the UK, Omri and I binged on Downton Abbey (aka the BEST SHOW!). We used it as a test for deciphering accents, a foray into the English countryside, and also a crash course on valets, footsmen, and maids (jk). And since we are big fans, …

Sail Away

Omri and I went sailing once in San Diego with some friends and it was really fun! So when we heard about the sailing at the Cotswold Water Park, we decided that we should take a little boat out on the lake and make an afternoon of it! Click through to read on

My Almost Green Thumb

With the weather being mostly “nice” (a very relative term coming from a native Californian) the foliage around our home has been amazing. Wildflowers, which I thought were weeds at first (but in some ways sort of are?), are everywhere, including our backyard! So, with this burst of mid-summer sun, I decided to try and …

Fresh Air

We recently went to an art exhibit called Fresh Air. This is a sculpture exhibit in the gardens of the Quenington Old Rectory in Cirencester with the sculptures displayed amongst the garden. It was really cool to go and visit and see all the art in nature – even Teddy enjoyed it! Click through to read on

The Cotswold Show and Food Festival

The Cotswold show is an annual summer festival that takes place in Cirencester. It was a beautiful day out and was reminiscent of the county fairs in the states. Click through to read on

Explore: Israel, Part 2

The second half of our Israel trip took us to Tel Aviv. We traveled from Haifa to Tel Aviv via train, where we would meet up with Ohad and Lindsey, Omri’s older brother and sister-in-law. We stayed at a beautiful beach-side resort called Herods. Click through to read on

Explore: Israel, Part 1

We went to visit Israel for a week for a mini family reunion. Omri and I had visited together twice before: once for Passover and another for a cousin’s wedding, and this was our third – and first as a married couple! Omri’s two brothers also were visiting as well, making it a nice big …

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! This is one holiday that I do miss – the fireworks, the barbecues and picnics in the park, and hanging out with good friends and family! Of course here it’s not Independence Day, just the 4th, but we’ll be sure to represent the ex-colonies as best as we can!

Public Footpath

The Teddy Bear has really been enjoying the UK, especially the countryside. He enjoys the cooler temps, the wind in his fur, and the tall grasses. So as we were driving about, we kept seeing signs for “Public Footpaths” and decided to check one out! And also, I apologize that this has been a very …