Cheltenham Food Festival

Not sure if you could tell or not, but Omri and I love to eat. And drink. So, when we saw the Cheltenham Food Festival was on, we knew it was a must see! Click through to read on

Explore: Bath

While we were in the UK last December, we stayed in Bath for one evening. We didn’t see too much of the city, but what we did see was beautiful. We returned one weekend to find that it was just as wonderful as we remembered it to be. Click through to read on

Cream Tea

I think I have a problem. A tea problem! I’m addicted, and I don’t think it’s the caffeine talking. Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, I need it! After lunch, say around 14:00, I start feeling like my life lacks something. Something warm, creamy, along with something sweet! The answer: tea! Click through to read …

Sunday Lunch

During our first few days I was seeing signs around town that advertised “Sunday Lunch” and “Sunday Roast”. It was on all the pub and restaurant menus and sounded delicious but was only served on Sundays and of course, it was NEVER a Sunday when I wanted it. Then finally one sunny Sunday we walked into …

Top Gear

I am proud to report that I now drive on the left! This was otherwise known as “the wrong side” or “the other side”, but not to me! Because now, its just “driving”! Trust me, the exclamations are necessary here, as driving has revolutionized my life. Not really, but I basically feel like a teenager …

Explore: Bournemouth

It has been beautiful out and we decided to take advantage of it by going to Bournemouth, a city on the Southern coast of England. Click through to read on

YUM, Bagels

Amelia invited me to join her at a cooking club class at the Hobbs House Bakery. This month they were making bagels! Click through to read on


Summer has arrived to the UK! And it’s amazing! The sun is shining, its hot (ok fine, warm, like 70°F, but when you are used to the 50s, thats warm!), and people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! Click through to read on

Explore: Paris, Part 2

There is a huge learning curve that comes with living in Europe. One of the things we’ve learned quickly is that most things close almost completely on Sundays (or have extremely reduced hours). Its actually sort of a nice change, to see that companies actually want their employees to rest and that they sacrifice an …

Explore: Paris, Part 1

When I say “Paris”, an inevitable sigh is followed. For those of you who don’t know, or have never had a long enough conversation with me (but let’s be real, it ALWAYS comes up), I studied abroad in Paris in 2009 with Roxanne. Omri and I went to Paris for a delayed anniversary trip and …