So, I guess the cat’s out of the bag…we’re back! In America! Wahoo! Hence the crickets and the silence. Life adjusting back has been good! We’ve been having a lot of fun being back with friends and family! So here are a few snippets from our adjustment back to “real life”, and then I PROMISE I’ll finish posting about our year abroad with a full wrap-up!

(Also, I’m less good at remembering to take photos in ‘merica, so sorry for the incomplete story. I’ll get better.)

Leaving CDG! Had to leave via Paris, similarly to how we first arrived in England.
Back in LA! First stop: Dim Sum!
Selfie with Popo 🙂

Promise to share more soon! xo, Dorene

Explore: Berlin (Part 2)

Berlin was a nice, fun, and quick city break. Two and a half days was the perfect time to see the city, though there is SO MUCH more to see and experience. Our second day was just as busy as the first – take a look below!

The Kreuzberg area

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Explore: Berlin (Part 1)

Wow, things have gotten busy around here! Our days in the UK are numbered, and we’ll soon be back in the states before we know it!! (That was my pathetic excuse for not posting in over a week and a half. Sorry peeps…here is a cute photo to help?) But before we jet back to California, here are some quick trips we squeezed in the last few months, starting with Berlin!

Street art on the Berlin Wall!

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An Anniversary + A Winery

Last month Omri and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary of being together, and our 2 year engagement anniversary! 🙂 I know, these dates are rather arbitrary now that we have an actual wedding anniversary, but hey, if it gets us to bust out the champagne or at least have a glass, then it’s all good by me!

To celebrate, we decided to go to a winery – which was where we got engaged – and do a tour and tasting.

Don’t you love our matching rain coats + glasses?? 🙂

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Explore: NYC (Part 2)

The second half of our NYC trip was mostly surrounding Omri’s work – he was picked to be part of a small group to ring the opening bell on the Nasdaq to celebrate his company’s 5th year on the exchange!

But first, back to the foods and hanging with Donna (who couldn’t stay for the ringing)!

IMG_4752 copy
A sunny day in Central Park!

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Explore: NYC (Part 1)

Back in February, we took a work trip to New York for 5 days and met up with one half of the infamous Donna & Gene duo – Donna! 🙂 She flew in for an extended weekend and the three of us toured around, all glasses left empty and plates licked clean!

At the Highline

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Last fall Omri’s friend and coworker, KP, came to visit us! So, in an effort to be good guides, we took him to Stonehenge; this happened to be Omri’s first time there and my second.

The stones!

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Last night we got snow!! So fun!!

Snow flurries!

It was the first snow of the season here in our town, but not the first we’ve seen this year.

Snow covering our backyard!

For us California kids, this was quite exciting! Teddy was slightly less impressed, but at his age, he’s probably seen it all!

Hello…I’m in California dreaming…

Ok, so I’m not really IN California, but I had to do the Adele-CA connection (you know, since we are here in Britain and all…)!

Eek! Omri and I are now in our final stretch of our UK adventure – can you believe it? Rather, I can barely believe it! Soon, we’ll be back in America, and back to real life (for me at least!)! So, as an homage to our home, here is a recount of our trip back to CA that we took a mere 5 months ago and that I teased here. (Yes, I’m 5 months behind, so sue me!)

I can almost feel the sand in my toes!

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Rugby World Cup Festivities in Gloucester

In 2015 England hosted the Rugby World Cup, which was really fun to experience first hand in the host country. We saw a few games, including a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand, but all on the telly. We did get to go to Gloucester, the epicenter of the rugby games in the UK, where the city went to town (good one huh?) with team spirit for the England National team!

Proud banners flying throughout the city!

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